Victor Tung

Couture designer Victor Tung discovered his talent for fashion in his garage, making garments one piece at a time. An artist at heart, he has always loved beautiful things or things with character — in particular, dresses.

When he couldn’t find what he desired, he began designing dresses himself and ultimately created his own line. “If I cannot find the right fabric,” he says, “I hand-dye or hand-paint it.”

Today, Tung displays more than 200 pieces in his San Francisco store. He believes that a garment should fit the body, and he will tailor or design an item specifically for his clients.

Tung’s “wearable art” philosophy is threefold: He seeks out the best materials, he customizes each piece, and his work is eco-friendly and features only natural dyes.

Tung says, “My goal is to create fashion that speaks to your soul and helps express yourself to the world.”