Leon Klaassen Bos

LeonLeon, led by Dutch couturier Leon Klaassen Bos, marries sensuality with unparalleled sophistication. He found his passion for fine fashion at an early age, winning design contests and gaining contracts with knitwear companies. In the 1990s, he apprenticed with couturier Frank Govers and landed positions with designers including Yves Saint Laurent.

By blending his knowledge of cultural history, modern technology, and showmanship with his experience in the Paris ateliers, Klaassen Bos creates innovative and sculptural designs that are molded to complement the human form.

Klaassen Bos founded Atelier LeonLeon in 2004. His collections have been shown in Amsterdam, Paris, Italy, and Dubai, and his 2012 LED light dress became an iconic symbol of smart clothing innovation. In 2017, Klaassen Bos launched LeonLeon, a sister company specializing in LGBTQ+ wedding attire among other designs.

LeonLeon presents Sensual Rhapsody – Saturday, March 16, 2024