IMM Designer – Camilla Balleste

My name is Camila Balleste, and I am a fashion design student at Istituto Marangoni Miami. Growing up in the chic, vibrant, and multicultural city of Miami has inspired me to explore the ideas of fashion with my creativity, curiosity, and ambition. Along with my upbringing, I have been challenged to rethink, reinvent, and redesign the essence of fashion through my lens. I have found that fashion is a language that communicates an evolving story that we can spread through the clothes we wear. I believe true beauty is found in nature’s imperfections, thus my love for experimenting and creating with a romantic hands-on process. I create pieces that tell a story with every stitch and detail while using my sketchbook as a space for creating modern, directional shapes and forms that challenge fashion. I am always excited to take every challenge as an opportunity to learn and work towards her dreams and goals.