IMM Designer – Anabel Montiel

I was born in the vibrant city of Maracaibo, Venezuela. My early years unfolded within the classrooms of a Catholic school, laying the foundation for my education. Upon entering university, the limited offerings of creative careers in my city led me to study administration, though I always carried a unique sensitivity to aesthetics. From a young age, beauty in all its forms captured my interest, from art to interior and fashion design. This affinity guided me to explore the world of modeling for several years, an experience that not only allowed me to understand the intricacies of the industry but also connected me with prominent designers and kept me abreast of changing trends, fabrics, and textures. 

Love found me in my youth, leading me into the beautiful journey of marriage and motherhood to three precious daughters. My professional life was woven with exciting projects, from organizing and decorating events to interior design, where I could express my appreciation for aesthetics in every detail. However, during the pandemic, with the invaluable support of my husband and family, we made the courageous decision to emigrate in pursuit of a deferred dream. This journey took us to the United States.

I hope that the audience appreciates art from the different points of view that this group of Marangoni students have worked on, I hope that it creates enthusiasm for new ideas. Fashion is a way to express yourself, to show your personality, your values. I hope they can understand my essence through my designs.