Fashion Week El Paseo™ 2017
Michael Costello Couture

Photo by Greg Peterson

Michael Costello Couture Presents

Los Angeles-based fashion designer Michael Costello is best known for dressing top A-list entertainers. His humbled beginnings started in Palm Springs where he grew up and opened his first boutique. Fashion was something that always came naturally to Costello; at just age 15 he created his first couture collection with an L.A.-based company that produced fashion shows.

The designer officially launched his career on Lifetime’s Project Runway and All Stars, emerging as a finalist in both seasons. Always focusing on elegant and sexy silhouettes, Costello custom makes all of his dresses in his showroom and downtown design house. The Michael Costello brand has effloresced into a household name, not only from the exposure on Project Runway, but also because his gowns grace every red carpet from the Grammy’s to the Oscars. Clients include Beyonce, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Selma Hayek, among others.

Costello’s main focus is keeping his clients feeling beautiful and bringing a sexy, sophisticated, and modern woman back into the forefront of fashion. He has been featured in all major fashion publications including Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, and In Style as well as in multiple Apparel News features. He was the first designer to be featured in The New York Times.

Plans to expand his famous designs to stores worldwide in fall 2015 are at the forefront of Costello’s goals. His first solo Mercedes Benz Fashion Week debuted was Sept. 9, 2014. Due to last season’s enormous success, IMG rated Costello’s show as MVP. As such, IMG show coordinators have placed his show in the Salon at The Lincoln Center.

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Photos by Greg Peterson