Fashion Week El Paseo™ 2017
Fashion Week El Paseo - Le Chien

Le Chien - A Celebration of Dogs & Fashion
Lola Tiegland

Lola graduated with highest honors from Drexel University with a BS in Fine Arts & Design. After placing in the "Next Greatest American Designers Competition'" she quickly earned a job on Seventh Avenue, designing gowns and dresses for Albert Nipon, then sportswear for Christian Dior.

Hollywood came calling with big adventures. Lola left the design world and got heavily involved in the NY theatre scene. Television commercials and a recurring role on "All My Children" followed. After an inspired summer with David Mamet and The Atlantic Theatre Company, Lola moved to Los Angeles, started writing, and never looked back.

After rescuing her two dogs, Lola became a pet advocate, harnessing the power of both fashion and entertainment to change the fate of lost and forgotten dogs. She started LOLA canine couture, a line of hoodies and tees to be used at shelters to give the dogs charming adoption photos. It grew into a full line of pet fashion. The doors to LOLA canine couture closed in August. Business partners and bad business choices crashed it to the ground.

The line may have crashed, but Lola did not. Presently she is making one-of-a-kind works of art for clients and for several special events promoting various dog causes. She will be showing her most recent creations this March at Le Chien: Fashion Week El Paseo™ 2015. Lola has also returned to her work as a writer. Her experiences in the dog world have filled her imagination with several television projects she is now working on.

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Photos by Greg Peterson