Fashion Week El Paseo™ 2017
Gilbert Chagoury

Photo by Gerry Maceda

JM Couture - "Life is a Runway"
James Mullin

JM Couture, a California-based fashion, retail, and production company, was founded in 2009 by musician, designer, photographer, and entrepreneur, James Mullin. JM Couture launched in Chicago as a T-shirt and clothing company to support the Jim Mullin music project, "The Light." His hunger for design grew as he produced more fashion shows because fashion was coming to the forefront as album promotion was coming to an end. In 2010, Mullin designed his first collection and decided to photograph everything himself. This was the beginning of his obsession with fashion photography. Producing and owning all of the content was the secret to his success. JM Couture quickly became well known on the Chicago social and fashion scenes. In three years, the company produced several fashion shows, concerts, and charity events at all of the hottest venues.

In early 2011, Mullin started working with retail mogul Les Walgreen (of Walgreens drugstore) to develop a retail business plan. Two years later, the pair partnered with the Saxony Group, a California-based Real Estate and investment firm, to begin building JM Couture from the ground up. In 2013, Mullin moved the company headquarters from Chicago to California as part of a massive expansion plan, working with COO and retail director Les Walgreen to make JM Couture a global brand. Later that year, JM Couture announced the addition of the new creative director, David Leslie Anthony, a renowned fashion photographer who works with Mullin to rebrand JM Couture to the fashion world.

JM Couture is now developing the full Black Label, White Label, Wet, Privet, and Jewelry/Accessories Collection to launch in the first store location on the famous El Paseo Drive in Palm Desert, Calif. This will be the catalyst and design that will be duplicated across the country and eventually around the world. The marketing genius behind this company is to be not only a clothing company, but also to produce music and creative to support all of the advertising and content created. The synergy that started the company will come full circle as the clothing ads promote the music and the music supports the advertising. The full JM Couture collection will debut at El Paseo Fashion Week. The El Paseo location is slated to open in spring 2014.

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Photography by Gerry Maceda