Fashion Week El Paseo™ 2017
Victor Tung

Fashion Week El Paseo™ 2013
Victor Tung

Victor Tung’s humble beginnings took place in his garage, making garments one piece at a time. An artist, he says he always loved beautiful things or things with character. He particularly loves dresses. When he could not find what he was looking for, he started designing them himself and created his own line of designs. “If I cannot find the right fabric, I hand-dye or hand-paint it,” he says.

Tung now displays more than 200 pieces in his store. He believes that a garment should fit the body and will tailor or design an item specifically for his clients.

Victor Tung’s “wearable art” philosophy is three-fold: He seeks out the best materials so you won't have to; He customizes each piece. “Like you, each item in our store is unique and never duplicated identically,” he says; His work is very ecofriendly and he only uses natural dyes.

“My goal is to create fashion that speaks to your soul and helps express yourself to the world,” Tung says.

Victor Tung Fashion Show

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Photography by Gerry Maceda