Fashion Week El Paseo™ 2017
Sue Wong

Fashion Week El Paseo™ 2013
Sue Wong

Sue Wong is a study in contrasts. She appears petite, while possessing a commanding presence and energy. Power and strength are evident in her designs, yet there is a romantic fantasy and poetic lyricism that informs her work, which nonetheless remains rooted in pragmatic reality. This collision of polar opposites creates the frisson that fuels Sue Wong’s designs and has firmly established a signature style.

At the age of six, Sue fled Communist China with her mother, who bribed a border guard with her wedding jewels. They reunited with Sue’s father in Los Angeles. As a child, Sue’s nascent creative tendencies drew her to art and in high school she landed the opportunity to work in various design capacities including modeling, assisting in window display, and merchandising. While working on a fashion degree, she interned with the Arpeja and eventually rose to the position of chief designer for the label's Young Edwardian. At 35, Sue rolled out a collection of Sue Wong day dresses to critical acclaim in 1985. In 1999, she introduced more elaborate evening pieces, a move that would firmly establish her signature style of haute glamour, femininity and romantic vintage sensibilities.

Sue Wong’s collections employ age-old couture techniques implemented by the finest houses in Europe and evoke the allure and glamour of past eras such as Weimar Berlin, 1930s Shanghai, Precode Hollywood, and Manhattan’s gilded jazz age. While often adopting vintage style, every design belongs in the now and is decidedly very Sue Wong — graceful, elegant, distinctive, and timelessly beautiful.

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Photography by Gerry Maceda