Fashion Week El Paseo™ 2017
Katharine Polk

Fashion Week El Paseo™ 2013
Katharine Polk and Houghton

During 2012 Fall/Winter Fashion Week at New York’s Lincoln Center, Katharine Polk debuted her first ready-to-wear collection as Houghton’s head designer. Drawing inspiration from Katharine Hepburn, Bianca Jagger, and Patti Smith, Polk designs for the independent woman who desires a look that is effortlessly chic, yet sexy and strong. Her debut show was well received by top publications and fashion blogs, including WWD, BULLETT, Time, ElleGirl, Glamour, and Style Sight.

Originally from Malibu, Calif., Polk graduated from FIDM in Los Angeles with a fashion design degree and moved to New York City to begin her career as the design assistant and in-house stylist for Badgley Mishcka Couture. Her designs and styling work graced the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week runways for six consecutive seasons (from 2007-2009).

Polk dedicates her time and passion to her role as a U.S. spokesperson for the international non-profit organization, Designers Against Aids. She lives in New York City with her English bulldog Jonesy.

Katharine Polk and Houghton

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Photography by Gerry Maceda